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We carry a select line of full spectrum CBD hemp wellness products to fortify your endocannabinoid system for a healthier state of being. Reap the medicinal benefits of CBD without getting high. Belongs in your pets medicine cabinet too.

CBD & the ECS

CBD Benefits


Our goal is to provide quality CBD hemp wellness products. Proven results show that one of the best ways  to heal the body naturally is by not relying on industrial produced pharmaceuticals. With CBD less than 0.3% THC, our selection of CBD products should be safe to take even if your drug tested. 

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Make us your choice for CBD hemp oils, edibles, topicals, and vape. products from companies that use 100% organic pesticide free non-gmo hemp. Companies chosen we’re based on quality of hemp used, stated lab results, strength of product, and customer reviews.

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Types of CBD Products

CBD Tinctures

elixinol cbd hemp oil 300mg

· Easy to ingest

· Good for those who can't vape 

· Long lasting 

· Taste can be undesirable

Tinctures are one of the easiest and most effective ways to get your regular dose of CBD. Taken sublingually in drops, they generally absorb faster than other forms. You can even sneak drops into a drink, recipe or baked goods, but many seek its pure form as it does not affect calorie counts and fat content for those on stricter diets. With so many different flavors and concentrations, tinctures can be easily measured for dosing increases and decreases and added to one’s daily routine. CBD tinctures are also available in the form of spray application.

CBD Capsules

elixinol cbd hemp caps 450mg

· Excellent for travel

· Tasteless

· Odorless

Just as you would take a vitamin or other medication, another easy way to consume CBD is in capsule form. Excellent options for travel, they are also tasteless and contain no odor. When taking CBD capsules, it is important to remember that if you want to increase your dose, you must double what you are taking. For example, if you are accustomed to taking a 20mg capsule, you would need to double your dose to 40 mg. Consuming a combination of CBD products however can allow you to increase your dosage less dramatically. For example, you could take one 20 mg capsule with a low dosage tincture to achieve the desired higher dose of CBD.

CBD Gummies & Edibles

pure potent daily relax gummies

 · Good for systemic internal ailments 

· Takes longer to work, lasts the longest 

· Difficult to dose

· Tasty

CBD gummies are a fun yet discreet way of taking CBD. It is growing popular amongst CBD consumers who have difficulty swallowing capsules or don’t like the taste of hemp drops. Plus, the sweet candy taste can conceal the distinct flavor of pure hemp oil. You can have all the benefits of CBD and generally feel the effects in as little as 30 minutes.

CBD Vape

pure potent relax vape

· Good for systemic internal ailments

· Easy to use

· Fastest reaction time 

· Highest CBD absorption method

Vaping CBD is a popular option for those who prefer to "smoke" their CBD oil. CBD vaporizers work like an e-cigarette, heating up the CBD oil until it turns to vapor. The vapor is then inhaled, making it one of the most fast-acting ways to get your dosage of CBD as the effective material is quickly absorbed into your lungs providing the fastest effect. A CBD vaporizer consists of two separate parts: the CBD oil cartridge and a rechargeable battery. You can simply buy refills and swap the cartridge once you run out.

CBD Topicals

myaderm double strength 700mg cbd pain cream

· Can be mixed with other essential oils

· Delivers CBD throughout the body

· Can be applied directly to affected areas

CBD cannabinoids are 

anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antispasmodic, and they enhance circulation and cellular regeneration. CBD topicals come in the form of oils, ointments, creams, lotions, patches, balms, and salves. These are readily absorbed into the skin and can be applied directly to affected areas. Topical creams are a unique product because CBD can be mixed with other essential oils such as lavender, tea tree, and aloe to heighten the benefits of CBD. Designed to be applied directly to the skin, topical creams deliver CBD oil throughout your body. 


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